Professional Entrepreneur
being in many (32) countries, I thank God for my blessings :)
All my life experiences, over a decade of university education, and traveling all over the world, I can only thank God to be blessed for being able to work in a variety of fields that I like and at professional level.

Now I am a professional entrepreneur with creativity and analytical abilities while being very hands on with my works and in many fields such as:
Property Development
  • Consultation & Project Management
  • Drawings, Planning, Applications, Permits
  • Land preparation, foundation
  • Construction
  • Interior Decoration
  • Landscaping & Fencing
  • Working with trades people
  • Management, Marketing and Sales
Social Work
  • Counselling & Consultation
  • Advocacy & Coaching and Mentoring
  • Aid, and empowerment projects
  • Graphics Design, Creating Logos, Fonts, Images & more
  • Audio and Video editing,
  • Internet and Web pages
  • Games

  • A professional Director, project mangement in making movies
  • Script Writing
  • Filming
  • Animation
  • Computer Art works
  • Drawings
  • Photography, Audio, and  Video
  • Cooking

Fitness, Health & Beauty
  • Consultation
  • Nutritionist
  • Workout
2017, Certified Operator Licence
Powered Industrial Lift Truck

2016, New Zealand Security Association
Certificate of Approval

2008, University of Auckland
Postgraduate Diploma in Education

2007, Unitec
Real Estate Salesperson Certificate

2003, Massey University
Bachelor of Social Work Degree

The New Zealand Automobile Association Inc. (AA)
1997, Defensive Driving Certificate
1996, Driving Competence Certificate
  1. My consultation has no obligations attached.
    My consultation has no obligations attached.
    Contact me and you will not regret it!
I work alone and or with supervising a team.
  • To connect with good people at different levels, and establishing a meaningful & positive relationships.

  • To give a professional and or unique work to exceed ones’ expectations and obtain 100% client's satisfaction.

  • To continue developing, excelling, and learning.

  • To share, teach and empower people.
When it comes to creative works, I usually call the shots, and deliver full client's satisfaction.

When it comes to other works, I still assist and work alongside others
to make sure that everything is in accordance to the plans and what are expected.